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Here at Barnacle Bespoke Furnishings, we’re a small family team, and we're all about quality. Our work unit is based near Rugby, and we will deliver free of charge within a 20 mile radius. Our furniture is all made from wood. We DON’T use scaffolding planks – instead we use 2inch thick quality timber, stained with top quality wood dye, in a choice of shades, which we finish off with either furniture wax or luxury Danish Oil.

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Knots and grains form part of the character of wood, so expect to see the natural beauty shine through. Also adding to the rustic charm are small grooves where the timbers are joined together, and as each piece is hand-made, each is unique with its own character traits, little knots here, or slight notches there.

Understanding the properties of wood, we know that without the proper support, it can tend to warp in the heat. We’ve gone the extra mile in safeguarding against that happening. We’ve taken extra measures to make sure all of our tables and benches are securely fastened.

They're dowelled and biscuit jointed with 3 metal bars running through the middle of the wood for strength, and for extra support, 3 metal straps (painted black) underneath.

Each piece of furniture is finished with chamfered edges and, for ease of transport, is supplied to you ready to put together, with holes drilled ready for the legs. (Legs and screws provided). We make each piece to order so the turnaround time is between 3 to 4 weeks. We ask that when you assemble your new furniture, you place it away from any direct heat such as radiators, and do NOT place hot dishes directly onto it.

We currently offer a choice of 6 wood shades, but please let us know if you have one in mind and we can accommodate it for you.